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We are ALWAYS looking for great people to join our team at Michigan Rock School. We just launched an online application to make things easier, and those interested can submit an application on our Teaching Jobs page. We focus on guitar, bass, drums, keyboard/piano, and voice/singing in a dynamic atmosphere. Our private lessons support the goals our students work toward in rock band rehearsals, while providing a solid musical foundation. If you teach traditional, “by the book” private lessons, then we may not be for you. But if you get fired up seeing students connect with music in a creative way, and love motivating others to play music, we want to hear from you!

Music instructor teaches bass guitar student. Michigan Rock School

Some of the things we looking for in our ideal instructor:

  • Musical knowledge: Music is what we do, and music is the language we speak, so our instructors must be knowledgable about music. That is not to say an ideal instructor must have a degree in music. Applicable experience can be as valuable as higher education experience when it comes to communicating musical concepts to a wide range of students. We’ve found that having a good mix of both amongst our team of instructors is best.
  • Multi-instrumentalists: If you are amazing at playing one instrument, that’s great. If you are good at playing two instruments, that might be even better! We love multi-instrumentalists for our instructors because they usually understand musical concepts from a broader perspective rather than just how they apply to their primary instrument. We encourage our students to apply what they’ve learned and experiment with that knowledge. We believe that promotes a greater love for music, and a greater desire to play. Understanding music applied to different instruments also helps instructors to be flexible when explaining sometimes complicated musical concepts.
  • Great attitude: We all have memories of great teachers and not-so-great teachers, and those memories almost alway surround that teacher’s attitude. We keep the environment positive and supportive because students respond better to a great attitude from instructors. That helps students want to stay engaged. Our instructors strive for being that positive, inspiring influence with our students.
  • Practical experience: Musicians come in all shapes and sizes, and their experience comes from many different genres and settings. We really excel providing our students with a path to playing and performing popular and rock genres in a band and live concert setting. Classical and more traditional is great, but that just isn’t what we’re good at doing. Experience gigging and playing in bands really helps when our instructors prep our students for live performance.

The above are just some of the things we look for in our ideal instructors. Solid communication skills, comfort working with both kids and adults, and passing a background check are also important. We provide a fantastic environment that promotes teamwork amongst our instructors. Additionally, we have a solid system for training, with all of the tools and technology in place so that our staff succeeds. Those are just some areas where Michigan Rock School differs from many other lesson studios. In part because of practical approach to lessons, we tend to have higher student engagement with much greater student retention than traditional private lesson studios. That translates to a better experience for our staff of instructors, too, and lower student turnover. Michigan Rock School also employs administrative staff as our primary point-people for communication with students and parents. That support for our instructors allows them to focus on what they do best — teaching music and mentoring their students.

If the above resonates with you, we would love to hear from you! We operate a busy and growing lessons studio, and often times have immediate openings for new instructors. The first steps are to reach out to us by using our application form on our Teaching Jobs page.