Teachers: Learn Guitar for FREE this Summer!

Blog / Teachers: Learn Guitar for FREE this Summer!


Thanks for all your hard work this year, teachers! We’d like to teach one of you how to play the guitar this summer! We are giving away a summer’s worth of private guitar lessons and the use of a guitar for FREE to one lucky public school teacher.

WHY: Teachers work long, hard hours and make a lot of sacrifices. We thought it would be nice to give them something fun to do during their summer break. Additionally, Michigan Rock School just moved into a new, larger location in Downtown Milford. As such, we have more openings in our schedule, and we’d gladly offer up some time to reward a teacher for everything they do for our community!

HOW TO ENTER: Simply send us an e-mail to MichiganRockSchool@gmail.com or a facebook message via https://www.facebook.com/michiganrockschool/ and include the following information: name, school where you teach, home address, e-mail address, and phone number.

On June 1, 2016 we will randomly choose a winner to receive weekly 30-minute private guitar lessons beginning the first week of your summer break through Labor Day. The winner will be contacted via e-mail or phone, at which time we’ll set a weekly lesson time that works both with the winner’s schedule and availability on our end. Lessons will be conducted at Michigan Rock School in Downtown Milford.

Anticipated questions:
Do I need to have a guitar? If you already have a guitar, great! Bring it! Acoustic or electric is fine. If you don’t have one, we’ll provide you with an acoustic guitar to use for the summer, free of charge. You can use it in your lessons, and take it home to practice.

Do I get to keep the guitar? Unfortunately, no, you do not get to keep the guitar. We’d like to offer this again in the future, so the guitar is on loan to you for the summer. Think of it like a textbook, you know, don’t write on it, destroy it, and return it in good condition at the end of the year.

Do I need to have any prior experience? No. We’ll start from the beginning and ease you into it.

What if I already know how to play guitar? If you already know how to play guitar, then you also know that there’s ALWAYS something more to learn. We’ll work with you!

If I win, can I give the lessons to one of my children or my partner? We thought you’d ask this. It’s just like you to put the needs of others before your own! That’s a kind sentiment, but we want teachers to do a little something special for themselves. If you are dead-set on not taking the lessons yourself and would rather give them away, we kindly suggest that you don’t put your name in the hat and instead let one of your equally hard-working colleagues win this one.

Restrictions: We wish we could provide free lessons all summer for ALL teachers, but just like you, we also have to pay the bills. So we’re limiting eligibility to any PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHER living or working in the HURON VALLEY or WALLED LAKE school districts.