Youth Rock Band

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Rock Band programs at Michigan Rock School are designed to offer students the ultimate interactive music lesson experience! Players work together in a band environment in regularly scheduled, instructed band rehearsals. We guide them through every aspect of working together in a band, including choosing and arranging songs, writing music, preparing for, and playing live shows. With live concerts every three to four months, rock bands are goal-oriented to keep students motivated and having fun.

Rock band programs are available for all ages and skill levels for students of guitar, drums, bass, voice, and keyboard/piano. Michigan Rock School staff and instructors can help assess students to find the right rock band program for your child.

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"Our daughter has gained an incredible amount of confidence from performing with her band. It's hard to believe this is the kid who used to hide behind us whenever she met someone new!"

Amanda Holdsworth

"Michigan Rock School is fantastic! Our son looks forward to his lessons and jamming with other students. I was amazed at how quickly he was playing songs he loved and that he seems to learn a new one every week! We would highly recommend the school to any potential musician."

Rob Britton

"Michigan Rock School puts a smile on my teenage daughters face! Her private guitar lessons are professional and fun. Her instructor has a gift for keeping teens engaged in learning music."

Karen Skandalaris

"We love Michigan Rock School! The instructors provide excellent individualized training that has helped my daughter tremendously. They’ve given her a solid foundation in songwriting and help her customize songs that best suit her ability and voice. My daughter always looks forward going and we are fortunate to have such a valuable resource in our community."

Stephanie Jacobsen

"I got into the radio business because I'm a huge music fan. But it was so frustrating that I didn't know how to play an instrument. Working with John has been a great experience. Regardless of your skill level. John sees the potential in every person to be a great player. If you are thinking about learning guitar, Michigan Rock School should be your first call"