May 2023 Concert Recap

Blog / May 2023 Concert Recap

Amongst the music, lights, cheers, and excitement at our end of session performances yesterday, there were also a few tears. We have a record number of graduating seniors — seven — that will be leaving our program soon. Additionally, we have some families moving out of state and others with major life changes on the horizon. Some of these kids have been with us for almost as long as Michigan Rock School has been operating. The kids have formed friendships, worked to achieve goals together, overcome challenges, and so much more in our humble little studio here in Milford. We are both excited for their future prospects, but sad that we will not see them in lessons and band rehearsals every week.

It has been an absolute pleasure working will all of these kids, and we are eternally grateful for the trust that you, their families, place in us to help guide them in their creative passions. I suspect that what the kids may not realize is how simply making music and being involved with a group positively impacts the other kids in their band. And how much happiness their involvement brings to the families who come to watch them perform. And how all of that helps to create a stronger community. Simply by playing the drums, a guitar, bass, keyboard, or singing with and for others.

If you’ve heard me get philosophical about music, you may have heard me say that if there is anything in the world that truly represents magic, it is music. It is powerful. And these kids…they are doing it.

2 days
6 sets of live music
62 songs performed
83 performers
Nearly 600 in attendance

Thank you, thank you, thank you to EVERYONE who helped make this past weekend amazing! Thanks to Billy’s Tip n Inn, the best venue in Oakland County! Thank you to our awesome staff of music instructors and band coaches!

John Kozicki
And the Michigan Rock School Team