Michigan Rock School instructors

Explaining musical concepts in music lessons and classes can be tricky, and finding the right instructor is important to a student’s success. So we make sure the teachers at Michigan Rock School are well-rounded with a solid background and understanding of music, practical experience, and above all, an engaging and friendly personality. That way, students feel comfortable in lessons, and instructors can confidently mentor students. It is also pretty cool that most of our instructors are working musicians, and students and parents can see them perform in and around Milford, Oakland and Livingston County, and Metro Detroit.

John Kozicki


John Kozicki is a musician, a songwriter, and a music fan. He’s taught hundreds of students all across the country. Some have found success in the music industry through touring and recording ventures, while others have found a fulfilling hobby in playing and performing music.

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Cole Garlak

Guitar Instructor

As a true working musician, Cole has a wealth of experience both performing live and in the recording studio. With more than 15 years of teaching experience, Cole has a unique gift for connecting with students and helping them cultivate their own passion for music.

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Tony Tomshany

Guitar/Bass/Ukelele Instructor

Tony Tomshany’s approach to teaching and playing guitar, while grounded in traditional rock music, also resonates with modern musical styles. Tony has blended this traditional foundation with his use of 6, 7, and 8-stringed guitars to develop his own playing style.

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Isaac Perry

Drum Instructor

Isaac Perry is a lifelong musician and teacher who discovered a great passion for drumming at eight years old. Over thirty years later, he is a professional educator with a wealth of musical experience.

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Syd Burnham

Vocal Coach/Acoustic Guitar

While her personal vocal style most reflects her rock roots, her background in choir and her classical training have helped her to refine her technique. In addition to her vocal background, Syd is also an accomplished songwriter and guitar player.

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Olivia Van Goor

Vocal Coach, Piano, Guitar, and Ukulele Instructor

Olivia Van Goor is a graduate of Denison University, a liberal arts college in Granville, Ohio, holding degrees in both Music and Economics. A life-long student and lover of music, Olivia’s expertise lies in voice, piano, guitar, and ukulele.

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