Getting in the Game: How to get your child to practice more

Blog / Getting in the Game: How to get your child to practice more

Parents make a significant investment in lessons (and instruments) for their kids, and they want to see that investment pay off.
But the one-on-one lesson dynamic often leaves parents unsure of what their kids are supposed to be practicing.  Moreover, in the absence of their instructor, the students are responsible for motivating themselves outside of their weekly lessons.  In this scenario it is easy for kids to fall into a rut and lose interest in their instrument.  The comparison I use often is if your child was on a soccer team that practiced every week, but never played a game, they’d likely lose interest in soccer.  If there’s no sense of accomplishment, or payoff, then what is the practice for?

Getting students “in the game” with their instrument means setting regular goals and providing them opportunities for success.  Whether a student takes lessons on guitar, drums, bass, piano/keyboard, or voice, there are plenty of opportunities to get them involved in rock band programs or other dynamic group rehearsals.  Regardless of a student’s musical interests, band rehearsals and live performances provide support and encouragement from peers.  The programs offered in our Downtown Milford lesson studio incorporate regular group practices, weekly private lessons, and regular live performances.  They all add structure to lessons, help establish goals, and provide a sense of accomplishment.  I’ve also seen a direct correlation between student longevity and their participation in band rehearsals and performances.

If any of this sounds familiar, I encourage you to learn more from our website or contact me directly.  Learning an instrument can be a lot of fun, but again, applying that knowledge is where students will find true fulfillment, and experience the long-term benefits.

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