Imagine you enrolled your child in dance, but they never rehearsed with their group OR performed. Or you sign your child up for a baseball team that only ever practiced, but never played a game? If you are like most, you realize that without these key elements the participants are not receiving the full benefit of the experience, and they likely wouldn’t have much fun. Michigan Rock School is not your standard “weekly 30 minute private lesson” music school. While weekly lessons are part of the program, we believe they should have a focus related to a larger goal, all while having a great time learning and playing music!

Incorporating regular performances, group sessions, and private lessons into our programs at Michigan Rock School creates a more dynamic environment, in which each element supports the others. Because learning to play an instrument is great but the real fun is playing and performing. In addition to the “fun factor,” we also recognize the learning benefits that performance and group rehearsals provide that simply cannot be replicated in private lessons alone.

Some of the benefits we’ve seen in students by incorporating performances and group sessions include:
* A clearer understanding of lesson goals
* Increased motivation
* A sense of accomplishment and greater longevity in lessons
* Greater confidence through recognition and validation of hard work
* Support and encouragement from peers
* A sense of accountability to others
* Pride in being part of a “team”

Of course, this is in addition to the other benefits studies link to learning music – improved academic skills, long-term resistance to cognitive decline, and dozens other. But at Michigan Rock School, our primary focus is making music a fun experience. From there we let everything else fall into place!

Michigan Rock School is the best place for music lessons and band programs in Oakland County Michigan, teaching students to love music from Milford and surrounding areas of Commerce, Highland, Brighton, Hartland, Wixom, Walled Lake, South Lyon, and more.